Happy Friendship Day?

The whole world is celebrating friendship day today while I am here still waiting for a friend to celebrate with.

Years have passed by, but the cycle continues. I have meet many people and spent time with people but I haven’t found someone whom I could call a friend. This day brings back all those memories that have devastated me. People whom I believed were my friends simply walked out of my life when they felt like. I would often feel unwanted and backstabbed. But now I think that it is better to be alone then to be with someone who is a name-sake friend.

Writing something about friendship is difficult for me as the memories leave me feeling low and depressed. This write-up is for someone who doesn’t exist – ‘my true friend’ . I wish you were here with me, to support me, to understand me, to laugh and cry with me, and to be with me forever. But unfortunately you are not here. I will wait for the day when you will enter my life to stay by me forever!